ORLADEYO®: a daily capsule that targets and inhibits plasma kallikrein1

Targeted inhibition of plasma kallikrein has long been known to help prevent hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks2

HAE is primarily caused by uncontrolled plasma kallikrein activity that results in an overproduction of bradykinin.3

Kallikrein activity in untreated hereditary angioedema
Decreasing plasma kallikrein activity with ORLADEYO®

In HAE, uncontrolled plasma kallikrein activity triggers an overproduction of bradykinin, which leads to vasodilation, vascular leakage, and subsequent swelling.

By decreasing plasma kallikrein activity, ORLADEYO prevents the cleavage of HK and subsequent release of bradykinin, ultimately preventing HAE attacks.

Abbreviations: B, bradykinin; factor XIIa, activated factor XII; HK, high-molecular–weight kininogen.