ORLADEYO® is the first and only targeted oral prophylactic therapy for hereditary angioedema1

ORLADEYO offers the convenient oral administration your patients have hoped for1,2

As a single 150 mga capsule taken once daily with food, ORLADEYO provides simple and straightforward dosing and administration without the need for cumbersome supplies and storage.1

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Oral administration

No need for injection, infusion, or related supplies1

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May be taken anywhere and at any time, at the same time each day, with food1,3

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Easy storage

Room temperature; no refrigeration required1

ORLADEYO offers the consistency of daily dosing with the simplicity of oral administration.1

aA reduced dosage of 110 mg taken orally once daily with food is recommended in patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh B or C) and in patients taking chronically administered P-glycoprotein or breast cancer resistance protein inhibitors (eg, cyclosporine).1