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Switching patients should be based on their clinical condition and your discretion1

ORLADEYO® switch considerations summary for HCPs ORLADEYO® switch considerations summary for HCPs

aThese recommendations are from the manufacturer of ORLADEYO and are based on clinical trial protocol. They have not been evaluated in a controlled clinical study.2

>80% attack-free months

Patients who switched to ORLADEYO from lanadelumab or subcutaneous C1-INH remained attack-free >80% of the months after switching.3,b

  • The transition from C1-INH or lanadelumab long-term prophylaxis to monotherapy with ORLADEYO was not associated with additional safety signals3,b

bThese data are from an analysis of 34 US patients who switched as per the investigator’s discretion from an injectable prophylaxis to ORLADEYO (treatment duration 4 to 12 months) during a long-term safety study (APeX-S). It is unknown what these patients would have experienced had they remained on injectable prophylaxis.3