ORLADEYO® helps to prevent hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks1

APeX-2 part 1 (0-24 weeks) data

Primary endpoint: HAE attack rate reduction over 24 weeks

3.06 to 1.31 attacks per month
  • ORLADEYO demonstrated a significant attack rate reduction over 24 weeks from 3.06 to 1.31 attacks per month compared with a reduction of 2.91 to 2.35 attacks per month with placebo (44% reduction vs placebo, P<0.001)1,2,a
  • The effect of ORLADEYO in reducing attacks was seen within the first 4 weeks and maintained over 24 weeks1

aThe percent reduction in attack rate was greater with ORLADEYO 150 mg (n=40) relative to placebo (n=39) regardless of attack rate during the run-in period.1

Reduced need for rescue therapy

54% reduction in rescue medication vs placebo
  • In an ad hoc analysis of the first 24 weeks of treatment, patients treated with ORLADEYO 150 mg experienced a reduction in rescue medication use per 28 days vs placebo (nominal P<0.001)2

Relative attack rate reductions

Half of patients experienced a ≥ 70% relative reduction in attack rate

b Ad hoc analysis; nominal P=0.002.1,5

APeX-2 Parts 1-3 (0-96 weeks) data

Sustained HAE attack rate reduction

86% reduction from baseline at week 96
  • Twenty-one patients who were randomized to ORLADEYO 150 mg at the beginning of APeX-2 and completed 96 weeks of treatment demonstrated a decline in mean attack rate per 4 weeks from baseline to 96 weeks of treatment4,c

cThis reflects an ad hoc analysis of interim data.5
d86% attack rate reduction from baseline to week 96 was seen for patients who completed 96 weeks of treatment with ORLADEYO 150 mg (n=21).4,5

Median attack rate

Median attack rate was 0 attacks per month in 16 of the last 17 months of treatment

Every individual with HAE responds differently to treatment. The clinical phenotype is variable and does not predict response to prophylactic therapy.6,7 See if ORLADEYO could be right for your patients.